Point Of Sale Solution

Nvesion POS



  • Manage Sales
  • Manage Products
  • Manage Categories
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Suppliers
  • Manage Users
  • Sales Reports
  • Login and Logout


  • POS
  • Manage Customers
  • Login and Logout


The main purpose of this Point of Sales and Inventory Management System in PHP/PDO is to help business owners to easily track sales and their production process. This is very useful most especially if you have a small business that needs an automated Point of Sales and Inventory Management System. In this Point of Sales and Inventory Management System in PHP/PDO, the admin plays a vital role in all of the management of the system. The admin has the ability to manage sales by simply entering the customer’s name and cash amount. Then the system will automatically provide the sales report that contains the item code, name, price, quantity, discount and amount. The admin can also add, update and remove products. To manage the customers, the admin has to provide the customer’s name, address, product name, total name and the expected date.

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School Information Management System with LMS

School Management system

The ultimate school management system – Built on latest technologies enables your education institute the most powerful and flexible tools for management. It satisfies your needs with built-in modules of online and offline class management.

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Support 5 types of users :

  • Administrators
    • username : admin
    • password : admin123
  • Teachers
    • username : azhar@gmail.com
    • password : azhar123
  • Students
    • username : raza
    • password : raza123
  • Parents
    • username : kamran
    • password : kamran123
  • Accountants
    • username : account
    • password : account123

Main Features

  • Zoom integration
  • Create online meetings on the platform
  • Enhanced language support
  • Roles between users
  • ID cards module generation
  • “My Payroll” User can see his payroll summary
  • Support biometric for employees
  • Support Dept & design for teachers
  • Support for custom headers for HTTP SMS configurations
  • Support for controlling which user role can message another user role
  • Support for partial fee type dates
  • Support for inventory stock remaining items calculations
  • Bulk mark sheet generation
  • Bulk invoices generation
  • Support for automated invoice ID generation while creating manual invoice
  • Support attendance notifications for Present, Absent, late, late with excuse
  • Auto generate invoices for hostel & transportations when user assigned to one
  • Export function for online exams results
  • Dashboard widgets controlled from roles & permissions for Role-based dashboard
  • Collection invoice reports
  • Paystack payment gateway integration
  • Wider registration page with enhanced label for fields
  • Support for new invoice when student register
  • Enhanced margins control for Certificates
  • Enhance frontend pages slider picker
  • Enhance visitors, engird & postal view
  • Enhance data privacy for students, parents & teachers
  • Fix for submitting online exam when time ends
  • Fix for Autoscroll issue on Firefox
  • Front Office
    • Visitors Log
      • Track your School visitors
      • Track purpose of visits
      • Track Check-in & Check-Out
    • Phone Calls
      • Track your incoming/outgoing phone calls
      • Track purpose, Type, duration and details of calls
    • Postal
      • Track your dispatch/received postal
    • Contact Messages: See your website visitor messages directly from Web Portal
    • Front Office Categories to easily manage sources, types & Purposes
  • Enquiries
    • Track classified Enquiries from Parents, Students, Teachers,…
  • Complaints
  • Track classified Complaints from Parents, Students, Teachers,…
  • Manage Employees
  • Mange departments & designations
  • Enroll your school employees in the system
  • Classify each employee under dept. & design.
  • Easily control each employee roles & permissions
  • Students
  • New smart & advanced school admission form
  • Control student categories
  • Control Medical History
  • Enhanced view of father & mother information
  • Enhanced view of Guardian account information
  • Control students documents
  • Student Attendance
    • Add notes when taking the attendance
    • Attendance report redesigned completely
    • One view to see multiple students attendance with period
    • Calculation of presence percentage for each student
  • Staff Attendance
    • Add notes when taking the attendance
    • Check-In & Check-Out attendance tracking
    • Attendance report redesigned completely
    • One view to see multiple students attendance with period
    • Calculation of presence percentage for each student
  • Vacation
    • Completely redesigned vacation system
    • Approve/Decline Vacation requests
    • Users able to track their approved & declined vacation requests
  • Library Management
    • Completely redesigned library system
    • Mange users subscription to library system including employees and students
    • Issue/Return books to users
    • Track issued books to users, Dates and return dates
  • Inventory Management
    • Manage Stores
    • Manage Suppliers
    • Manage Inventory Categories
    • Manage items coding
    • Manage Items instock
    • Manage issued items
    • Manage returned items
  • Online Exams
    • Questions Bank
    • Randomize exam questions supported
    • Sharing questions, To allow question to be used by another teacher in another exam
    • Rich text editor for questions
    • Can attach images for each question
    • Unlimited number of questions supported
    • Unlimited number of options per each question supported
    • New UI for online exam taking
  • Front End
    • New modern frontend design
    • Frontend permalink enhancements
    • Frontend pages order list
  • Dashboard
    • Today’s Birthday widget
    • Dashboard Widgets rearrangements
  • Enhanced view of exam schedule
  • Calculating total income
  • Calculating total expenses
  • Clickatell SMS Gateway support new API system
  • Salary Delete Payroll feature
  • Frontend CMS
    • Easy to create new template
    • Unlimited pages
    • Draft controll
    • Advanced image library
    • Embedded images slider
    • 8 Embedded Themes

Not Included in current Package but will be integrated on demand we called as custom modules

  • Biometric devices integration (custom)
    • Integrate with your biometric device
    • will track activity on your device and apply attendance based on it
    • Track device status & last update time

SMS or Mail API Integration (Custom)

  • Add your custom SMS or Mail API to your school application

Online Payment System

Payment Gateway integration (custom)

  • Add Payment gateway to your system

Custom modifications

  • Get custom modification based on your custom needs

Digital Marketing-Business Trends 20-2021

Digital Marketing-Business Trends 20-2021-With the use of technology now marketing and business opportunities have been changed immensely, you can simply launch any new brand of your products or a service within a week and in the next few hours you can even get the order booking! this is amazing. The use of smart phones embedded with social media apps are one of key door steps for advertisement of your businesses now a days.

How I can promote my business online

The ingredients:

Digital Marketing-Business Trends 20-2021- A website with a domain name of your product or services hosted at SSL certified hosting company

Nvesion Digital Marketing Services
Nvesion Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Pages like: Facebook page, Twitter page, LinkedIn page, Instagram page etc.

Digital Marketer or an IT expert or Social Media Mobilizer

These are the 3 most important ingredients for promotion of your business online. If you can afford to hire a person for this job is really be a good idea, but at startup you can also ask any IT solution provider company to give you the above services to being with.

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Digital Marketing-Business Trends 20-2021
Digital Marketing-Business Trends 20-2021

Written By Naveed