Web site Development

Nvesion Web design

Improve Your Advertising Effectiveness. …
Save Money on Printing and Distribution Costs. …
Easy Access to New Customers. …
Easy to Use and Update. …
Improve Productivity. …
Educate Your Customers. …
Expand Your Market. …
Extend Your Local Reach.
Promotion of your business
Great Tool for Finding New customers
Your Own Internet Identity
Official email address at your own domain name
Build Your Reputation
Improve Customer Service
Potable/Accessible on any where
Addition of your business at Google search

School Management System

Administration Management
Teachers management
Students management
Parents management
Accounts Management
Attendance Management
Exam Managements
Library Management
Transport Management
Hostel Management
Admin Panel with full admin Roles
Teacher Panel
•The teacher can Create his/her Class
•After creating a class the teacher View the students for that particular class
•Upload Downloadable materials for his/her class
•Create practice quizzes for students
•Grade students assignment
•Post announcements
•Create class calendar of events
•Message co teacher or students
Student Panel
•Sign up for his / her account
•Can view classmates in his / her class
•Answer practice quizzes
•View evaluation of assignment and quizzes
•Download downloadable materials in a class
•Upload downloadable material
•Message a teacher or his/ her classmate

IT Consultancy

Consulting staff from different parts of a client’s organisation
Analysing an organisation’s data
Determining information system requirements and defining project objectives
Making recommendations, such as suggesting appropriate hardware, software and systems
Designing, installing and trialling new systems and software, and fixing any issues that arise
Compiling and presenting information
Writing reports and documentation
Repairing computer problems and removing viruses
Rraining users
Responding to feedback.
Project Feasibility